Zero compromise

Do you ever wonder what a custom keyboard that doesn’t hold back anywhere would look like? So did we. And then we met other people with the same dream.

I want it.

$499. Free shipping. Made in EU.

Perfection isn’t accidental

We’ve all dreamt it. A keyboard that doesn’t cut corners. If making a part needs 30 attemps, so be it. If it weighs a lot, we’ll figure out shipping. If the perfect PCB can’t be made this year, next year is fine.

Aircraft-grade housing

We didn’t need to use one of the best CNC machines in the world with 5-micron accuracy to mill the block of aluminum. But we did, and you won’t find imperfections or milling marks anywhere.

Supercar-grade plate

We worked with master craftsmen who work on supercar exhausts and hypercar cabin trim to make sure the plate does its job for years without any degradation but still looks good doing it.

Open source firmware

The keyboard is driven by open source QMK firmware, which is constantly being developed, bugfixed, and evolved by a large number of enthusiast developers.

The Plates

The plate sits between your PCB and your switches, but in a gasket mount configuration, it defines how much your keyboard gives under typing pressure. The PCB and keys aren’t attached to the housing, they “hang” on the plate.

Copper plate (founder's edition)

Only 100 signature edition plates will ever be made. The plate is sand blasted, anodized for that perfect mirror shine, and then coated with a protected film to prevent oxidation.

FR4 plate

How do you maintain the acoustic signature of high quality PCBs? By creating a plate from the same FR4 material. The tab cutout design provides just the right touch of flex. Gold plated details, because why not?

Custom, FAB-grade PCB

The Brain

The PCB is more than a board sending keypress signals. It plays a role in how the gasket mount feels, how the keyboard sounds, and it houses the brain of the device, the best in class AT90USB1286 MCU.

Copper look.
The signature edition includes a PCB with a transparent top layer to expose the copper traces. Only 100 of these PCBs were made. All others will feature black PCBs.
LED support
If you prefer keyboard illumination, you'll be able to solder in underglow LEDs, which you can set in 5-level increments. Caps Lock includes a dedicated LED trace.
All popular layouts.
Every layout you can think of. ISO, ANSI, split backspace, split left shift, tsangan bottom row. If you can't find the layout that you prefer, you might be the problem.

You don't need a license to own this. But maybe you should.

Milled aluminum block body

Aluminum is tricky. If it's too hard, it's difficult to anodize. If it's too soft, milling begins to slip in accuracy. It took us more testing than we'd like to admit to find designation 5083, which is the perfect middle ground to support perfect anodizing of flawlessly milled blocks.

Screwless 3-piece design

The only way to perfectly hide every screw (located under the plate and accessible under the keycaps), we had to design the housing out of 3 parts of solid aluminum.

Centered daughterboard

Other locations for the daughterboard would be easier and cheaper to execute, but then it wouldn't look right. Or feel right.

Subtle branding

Of course, we think our logo is great, but this keyboard isn't about us. It's about you and your keyboard. So we hid the branding on the bottom side. If you want so look at it, you can. But you don't have to.

We haven't overlooked

Bits and pieces

Usually, the key components get all the love and attention. We think the little details matter just as much.

Poliethylene foam
Looks work on pictures, but keyboards are a tool we touch. Thousands of times per day. It has to feel and sound perfect as well. That's why we included two polyethylene foam pads. One sits on the PCB and the other covers the case bottom.
Poron gaskets
Poron 7140 is the best material to dampen sound and vibration. So we worked with a partner on custom cut Poron gaskets to support your every keypress.
Best screws in the biz
Best screws in the business, manufactured by a leading European shop. Torx. Because they look better. We're including a driver with a lifetime warranty.
Silicone feet
Do silicone feet matter? We ordered a non-standard 1mm thickness of silicone feet to provide the friction resistance any keyboard needs, keep the profile as low as possible to the surface, but still prevent the case from touching the desk.

Powered by

Open source

Mono is driven by open source QMK firmware, which is constantly being developed, bugfixed, and evolved by a large number of enthusiast developers..

Supports VIA
It’s compatible with VIA software, which allows you to map keys into 4 layers, and adapt the keyboard to your own idea of perfection.
Advanced folks not left behind.
Tinkerers welcome. If you like to poke at your product, the PCB includes dedicated debugging pins.

We built our business on customer service

Free shipping

We ship to any country we're allowed to without breaching embargos. We'll ship it in two working days, every keyboard deserves a loving home.

10-year warranty

You'll probably leave this keyboard to your kids in your will. But we had to draw the line somewhere, so we picked a round number.

Fast response times

We always love a good talk with fellow keyboard enthusiasts. We can't wait to hear from you. Go ahead, reach out.

Mono. Make a statement.

Look, we've sort of said it all. We could talk about this project of passion for days on end, but you get the point. It's the best keyboard in the world today.

Every little detail was obsessively polished until we could polish no more. So if you'd like to be part of this effort, you should probably buy one. Click below.

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